" Ganong Bros Company " in Canada

Ganong Bros Company


Ganong Bros Company is one of oldest candy companies in Canada. It was discovered by James and Gilbert Ganong in 1873 located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Their modern facility is state-of-the-art with both nut and nut-free operations. We welcome inquiries from wholesale customers, retailers, and representatives of companies interested in contracts of pack manufacturing.


The company also was the first to introduce a heart-shaped box of chocolates in North America. The heart-shaped boxes were originally used for presents over the Christmas season before it also succeeded around Valentine's Day. In 1911, Ganong Bros. purchased the bankrupt White Candy Company in Saint John, New Brunswick and operated a factory there until 1931. In 1988, due to the rising costs of production, a plant was built in Bangkok, Thailand, due to lower labor costs and the close proximity to raw ingredients, and equipment from the St. Stephen factory was shipped there. The majority of the products from this factory are shipped to Canada.


New factory was opened on Chocolate Drive in 1990, St. Stephen and continues to produce to this day. The old factory eventually became the Chocolate Museum.