Illegal medicines worth $78,000 seized from home in raid

Illegal medicines worth $78,000 seized from home in raid
Medicines seized in a raid

In New Zealand, a police raid of a Wellington man's home revealed more than 13,000 pills and 540 vials of prescription medicines, including steroids, testosterone and human growth hormone, a court has heard.

Police said the drugs had a street value of about $78,000.

Donald D'Ewes, 41, was sentenced today in the Wellington District Court on 17 charges of breaching the Medicines Act, to which he had earlier pleaded guilty.

Judge Bill Hastings said D'Ewes became anxious about his ability to contribute financially to his household after being made redundant from his IT job, and decided to sell the medicines, which he had been given by a gym acquaintance who had moved to Australia.

He said the defendant received orders over social media and manufactured labels on his home computer to make it look like the medicines had come from a Japanese company.