Officially, Twix Has Released Ice Cream Bars

Officially, Twix Has Released Ice Cream Bars
Twix Ice Cream Bars


We've heard plenty of rumors about those Twix Triple Chocolate Bars (and the ice cream version, too), but that they've been spotted out in the wild, so we got a chat. Our go-to junk food test of the American and Australian Twix Triple Chocolate bars, but honestly, that's beside the point right now. The takeaway is this: The Triple Twix is IN STORES. They're a confirmed Wal-Mart product.


They're likely stocked elsewhere too, but I'd go with the safe bet, hit up your local Wal-Mart. Twix fans, you're going to want to hit the frozen aisle next time you're at the grocery store. Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bars have been spotted in stores and they sound absolutely amazing.


Each bar is 160 calories and made with chocolate ice cream, caramel, and crunchy chocolate cookies (with a chocolate coating, of course). Instagram users have reported finding the bars at various Kroger brand stores, including Mariano's and Pick 'n Save. We reached out to Twix for more information about where else to find the ice cream bars, and we'll update as we hear back. Keep an eye out for the new sweet treat!


Twix is arguably one of the top chocolate candies, right up there with Reese's, Kit-Kat, and the simple yet satisfying Hershey bar. And yesterday, Twix announced a new flavor that'll make chocolate fans very happy. Per a press release, Twix Triple Chocolate will be released in December, which means I need one in my stocking (I'm talking to you, Mom, Dad, Santa...whoever). The new candy consists of new chocolate cookie bars and chocolate caramel covered in milk chocolate. Are you drooling yet?


We'll also see Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream bars early next year, in January or February, according to a Twix spokesperson. Per a press release, the new ice cream bars will be made of "rich & creamy chocolate ice cream, smooth caramel, and crunchy chocolate cookies, surrounded by a delicious, chocolate coating."


* Thank goodness Twix comes with two bars-one of the triple chocolate would definitely not be enough.