Oreos Are Coming Back Again With Peppermint

Oreos Are Coming Back Again With Peppermint
Peppermint Oreo


We know that it's still August feels premature, but it'll be here before we know it. That also means those Peppermint Oreos Bark will be here because they're hitting stores shelves once again.


Not so apprehensive about celebrating early now, are we? In case you haven't had the absolute pleasure of trying these, here's what you need to know: It's a classic Oreo cookie with peppermint-flavored crème and red "crunchy sugar crystals." A.k.a. It's really, really good.


Junk food news 'grammer @CandyHunting posted the update to social media Saturday. And if the relaunch alone isn't enough to inspire a little enthusiasm, maybe this will: Oreo is partnering with Netflix for some sort of Christmas movie tie-in. The deets are still minimal at best, but reported packaging is labeled with that Netflix logo and "Klaus."


According to Indie Wire, the company is currently developing its first-ever animated feature called; you guessed it, "Klaus."


What does this mean? When are they launching? Where can we get them? That we don't know-yet. The news is still pretty limited, but don't worry, we'll stay on it and update accordingly, If the comment section is any indication of the excitement to come, get ready. Fans are hyped. "These were pretty last winter holidays," one wrote. Another added. "I'm in TROUBLE." Someone else was so excited, "Forget pumpkin spice; I'm ready for these.